How A Restraining Order Can Protect You?

In the middle of an argument between married couples, there are instances when emotions could flare up and tempers explode. When this happens, someone may get harmed and the abused spouse may choose to be away from their abuser. To protect the abused spouse from the violent acts of their spouse, they may want to file for a restraining order. The website of Marshall & Taylor PLLC reveals that domestic violence can pose a danger to the well-being of the abused spouse.

A restraining order is issued by the court in order to protect a spouse from the violent behavior of the other spouse. Also known as a protective order, the court directs the aggressor to back off or stay away from the victim. The aim of a restraining order is to protect the complainant from further harm. It is only a civil order so the abuser does not get a criminal record. Restraining orders usually apply to cases of domestic violence such as assault, burglary, terrorism, harassment, to name just a few.

When a restraining order is issued, the abuser is usually directed to do the following:

Avoid contact with the victim either personally or through phone in their home, office, or anywhere. A restraining order may also provide protection to family members

The restraining order may also require the abuser to pay for costs that resulted from the abuse which could include medical bills, lost income, moving expenses, and others.

The abuser may also be ordered to leave the house or apartment where the victim also lives even if the property is under the abuser’s name.

The court may also have the abuser attend domestic violence counseling or undergo evaluation

When you are a victim of domestic violence, you can always seek protection of the law. Getting a restraining order will give you some peace of mind in terms of protection.